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It went like this. Noah got scared his tinnitus would get worse, that by doing what he loved he would eventually destroy his ability to make music. This state of the creation destroying its creator left him at a loss. He decided if this continued, he might as well have something to show for whittling away at his cochleas. So, assisted by his bandmate and best friend Corey he picked his favorite songs to act as foundations, booked some studio time in late December, and prepared. In the first days of that same month, once the term had ended and the snow hesitated, Noah and Corey dragged their equipment up to Justin Dillard's cabin on Larch Mountain to spend a week writing embellishments and composing for what they initially hoped would be, in their infinite optimism, a five song ep. They spent five days fumbling for thoughts, one making them and another freaking over what was probably equal parts quality and mild cabin fever. Five songs turned into four, and four to three as the reality of the studio was slowly understood; with a five day window, it was either quality or quantity. What came out was a three song capsule, a slice or version of what they did in a fully realized form. They had been making music for six years and this was the first time they had captured with relative accuracy a touch of what it was all about.

The content of the songs you will understand once you listen to them a few times on headphones, but we thought it important to explain the journey these songs took to arrive on your laptop, coming through your speakers, changing your lives in little ways, because these were not made or brought to you without care or sacrifice, and they are all the sweeter for the obstacles they overcame. If you do enjoy our work, consider contributing something so that we can have this opportunity again.




released March 3, 2013

zinnie for short is:
Lead Vocals, Guitar- Noah Kite
Drums, Keys, Vocals, Bass- Corey Distler
Cello, Vocals- Marissa Deitz

Songs written by Noah Kite and Corey Distler.

zinnie for short would like to thank:
Barbara and Richard Kite, for unwavering and unending support, from their home cooked meals to the occasional encouragement shouted across the house, up the stairs. Justin, for a beautiful cabin to compose in. Koa for the company. Max for lending us his lovely Rogers. Maddie for moral support. Scott Wilson for professional support. Friends and family for their encouragement. And J, for the fodder.

Mixed at Supernatural Sound by David Pollock
Mastered at Stereophonic Mastering by Timothy Stollenwerk



all rights reserved


zinnie for short Portland, Oregon

Zinnie For Short is a folk/post rock project created by Noah Kite to act like gilded glue to his heart fragments. Kite is an American songwriter and musician, whose music is best described as dramatic, emotional folk-pop that swirls and eddies in ripples of sadness and hope. ... more

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